Ski-Doo 850 Gen4 Rear Air Suspension Package & Torsion Bar Delete

Ski-Doo 850 Gen4 Rear Air Suspension Package & Torsion Bar Delete

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This is the product that put us on the map. Ski-Doo built the most capable mountain sled in the world, less one problem:They kept age-old torsion bars to support the skid and control weight transfer and absorb bumps. 

We've been doing away with torsion bars nearly 10 seasons, and the result is phenomenal. More control, less effort, better utilization of your sled's horsepower. 

The sled will get on top of the snow faster, land big airs in a far more controlled fashion and be a joy on the trail. If you have money for one upgrade to your sled, let this be it. It will make you a better rider, day in, day out. It also drops around 4 pounds from the sled! Learn more here

These kits utilize our Elevation  skid, our take on articulation. Unlike Ski-Doo's T-Motion, this skid can articulate at two points. This allows the track to more quickly find traction, is incredibly easy to ride yet will not wash out on a sidehill as the track is remarkably good at holding an edge due to this design. 

We offer this kit in three trim levels, all with Fox dampers. The higher priced kits have more advisability than the lower priced kits. All three trim levels include new billet arm, billet rocker, and all hardware. 

  • Basic: Float Evol R Rear Track shock, Float 3 Front Track Shock - $1295
  • Premium Lockout: Float QSL-R Rear Track Shock (has a lockout); Float 3 Kashima Front Track Shock $1625

Basic is a great setup for someone looking to get rid of the torsion bars with a mid level Fox damper (read, FAR better than the OEM ones!). Adjustments include air pressure (spring rate), EVOL pressure (bottom out) and rebound (on rear track shock). 

Premium takes all the basic stuff, plus adds Kashima coating, Fox's advanced slider coating that virtually eliminates any friction. The Premium kit features a QS3-R damper, with 3 position compression setting and a rebound adjustment.

The lockout package has the same package as the Premium kit,, but instead of the 3 position compression adjust, a lockout, or much stiffer setting for the 3rd compression adjustment is used. Why use a lockout for technical riding?  This allows a substantially higher compression adjustment, thus slowing down and or controlling ski lift in very technical riding conditions. This application is also well suited for turbos, to help control ski lift also. 

All three trims will be valved for your rider weight, sled, and riding style.