Ski-Doo T3 Front Suspension Package - Air

Ski-Doo T3 Front Suspension Package - Air

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We offer three shock packages for you 2015-2016 T3 snowmobile utilizing Fox dampers that vastly improve the ride of your sled. 

Air shock for ultimate adjustability. Easily tune the air spring characterisics utilizing a shock pump. This allows much more adjustibility than preload alone. Main chamber is akin to the main spring on a coilover. EVOL chamber dictates how quickly the suspension ramps up in the latter part of its travel. This is a way of bottom out control. All three packages allow these two adjustments. 

The mid level also adds a rebound adjust to the system. This allows the rider to fine tune the way his suspension rebounds (comes back) to neutral after an impact.

The premium package adds a piggyback for more consistent damping and a quick-adjust 3 position compression adjust. "Open" for powder, "medium" for normal trail riding, "firm" for high speed trail and minimum amount of body roll. 

No matter which package you chose, it will be valved for your specific rider weight and intended use. This is what makes Sik Suspension the way to go!