Ski-Doo 850 Gen4 Rear Air Suspension Package & Torsion Bar Delete

Ski-Doo 850 Gen4 Rear Air Suspension Package & Torsion Bar Delete

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This is the product that put us on the map. Ski-Doo built the most capable mountain sled in the world, less one problem: They kept age-old torsion bars to support the skid and control weight transfer and absorb bumps. 

We've been doing away with torsion bars nearly 10 seasons, and the result is phenomenal. More control, less effort, better utilization of your sled's horsepower. 

The sled will get on top of the snow faster, land big airs in a far more controlled fashion and be a joy on the trail. If you have money for one upgrade to your sled, let this be it. It will make you a better rider, day in, day out. It also drops around 2.5 pounds from the sled! Learn more here

These kits utilize our Elevation  skid, our take on articulation. Unlike Ski-Doo's T-Motion, this skid can articulate at two points. This allows the track to more quickly find traction, is incredibly easy to ride yet will not wash out on a sidehill as the track is remarkably good at holding an edge due to this design. 

We offer this kit with Fox shocks. The kit include new billet arm, billet rocker, and all hardware. 

  • Premium Lockout: Float QSL-R Rear Track Shock (has a lockout); Float 3 Front Track Shock $1625 

Premium Lockout features a QSL-R damper, with 2 position compression setting, 1 lockout setting and a rebound adjustment.

 Why use a lockout for technical riding?  This allows a substantially higher compression adjustment, thus slowing down and or controlling ski lift in very technical riding conditions. This application is also well suited for turbos, to help control ski lift . 

All shocks will be valved for your rider weight, sled, and riding style. 


Customer Reviews

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Blake Nivelt
Very impressed with Tom

I had some questions regarding which product I should be purchasing for my intended application. Tom personally took the time to discuss and explain some of the complexities in the rear skid. It is very rare that you find someone as genuine and honest as Tom. I will be a continued customer of his for all my future builds. Thanks again!

Kjell Risdal

Excellent fit and finish on this package. Improves float in deep snow and also the predictability of the sled while sidehilling. Also makes those bumpy trails into remote riding areas less miserable.

Steve Tatalovich
Great products and customer service

Received my order two days after ordering. The suspension package I received performed perfectly! Tom was very helpful in explaining his products to me to help me understand what package I needed.

trey chace
Never looked back

I’ve run a Tom’s Kit since they came out. Always happy with the quality and feel. I personally like it better than the K-mod, soft ride, or anything else I’ve been on. It has more of a “poppy feel” than some of the others which feel more sluggish to me. Some may like the other climber packages, but I like the versatility and to be able to get my skis off the ground and pinball off trees. Jumping feels far better and the pop comes into play with the Tom’s.

jesse nagle
Love the kit.

This is the third toms kit I have purchased. I originally bought one for my 2015 800, then my 2018 850, now my 2021 850 turbo. I won't even ride a stock ski doo anymore. Thank you for the amazing suspension.