Ski-Doo 850 Gen4 Front Suspension Package - Air
Ski-Doo 850 Gen4 Front Suspension Package - Air

Ski-Doo 850 Gen4 Front Suspension Package - Air

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QS3- They are currently backordered until 12/17/2021. 

Ski-Doo made what is arguably the best snowmobile ever produced in their Gen4 850, and the 850 Turbo sleds. However, the OEM suspension on all models leaves a lot to be desired. We offer a number of ski packages utilizing Fox dampers for various budgets and ride characteristics that vastly improve the ride of the sled. 

New for 2022 Tom's introduces a New Mountain specific LW shock kit from Fox,  in both a Float 3 QS3 - R and a Float 3 Evol R shock with optimized lightweight design. Internally both shocks have new parts. The changes offer a "larger window of opportunity" for ease of sidehill use. With less effort to hold and maintain sidehill riding, your riding pleasure is extended more throughout the day. These shocks will fit both the 36", as well as the new 34" Expert ski stance. All shock tuning was designed for the sway bar removed

  • Air shock for ultimate adjust-ability. Easily tone the air spring utilizing a shock pump. This allows much more adjust-ability than preload alone.
  • Our Custom Tuned Fox air shocks come in two trim packages
    • Top Grade (full adjust): Fox  Float 3 Evol-R QS
    • Mid Grade Fox Float 3 Evol R ( w/ Rebound adjust)

Top Grade is fully adjustable. Features adjustable rebound and adjustable low speed compression via a 3 position dial as well as a dedicated piggyback to improve oil flow and damping consistency. 

Mid Grade, quite possibly the best mountain shock available. For those who are looking for a robust shock that is lightweight and can take the mountain punishment. For those looking to "set it, and leave it".

No matter which package you chose, it will be valved for your specific rider weight and intended use. This is what makes Sik Suspension the way to go!

Customer Reviews

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Derek Lapointe

Ski-Doo 850 Gen4 Front Suspension Package - Air

trey chace
I'll always run a Tom's Kit

I've run a Tom's for as long as I can remember. It's a solid upgrade and gives the sled more "pop" and response that any other kit I've tried. Some climbers may like the K-Mod or Softride, but those feel sluggish to me compared to the Tom's. Sometimes I want to lift the skis and pinball off trees. Sometimes I want the skis on the snow. Tom's gives you that option. That and the reasonable price make it worth it to me. My $2c.
Jackson WY.

Tyler Neros
Tom’s shocks w/ Fox Floats

I am very pleased to have purchased my new shocks from Tom’s. I’ll be giving them my business in the future. 

Kyle Kyle P frankland

Super stoked can’t wait for my coil over rears!